Tuesday, August 25, 2009

im good!

Like finally I'm able to blog after several tries of uploading images! poooff! hunney says its not a habit for him to browse my blog everyday anymore because i update once in a month after many times of urging from him. =(
Alright, i shall be more active since im rather free!

I've got craving for the pasar malam kueh ..any kind soul out there to tell me where can i get it??? sighhh ohhh yesss i suddenly remember!!! bengawan solo!!!! but i dont think they looked as soft as this.

and oh yessssss ive been loving poached eggs! poached egg salad, eggs benedict etcccc

taaddaaa poached eggs

anddd andddd

egg benedict!!! so far i only know that coffee bean serves egg benedict for their all day breakfast.. im missing it =(

Ms Hong has a new gadgettttttttt!!!

no this is not my bold. I dont zhng "modify" my hp haha

ahh haa this one! its not the real pic of my hp anyway i shall find one of these days to take picture with my beloved hp.

When i was onboard serving the business class passengers, i dare to say bout 80% of them uses BB and whenever i see them using their hp i got the urge to talk to them bout how great this hp is hahaha but i have to stay calm!!!! and when they play with their hp, i felt so sad because i cant use my hp onboard.

People, please get a BB soon and then u can BBM me! (blackberry messenger) and i can send u map of where i am!!!! ive been pyscho-ing Mr Ang to get one. Saddest thing was that bb comes with camera thus kinda waste of money if he gets one.
and i start to anti touch screen hp. OOpss i still love my o2 atom.

my darling bitch. She is darn cute! she has eye lashes okie *wink wink*

Bout 2 weeks back, Jol brought me to spageddies because i had craving for pasta

Jol dont kill me. haha

Crayfish pasta and its my fav aglio olio style.

Hunney we must go one day! That day we went and they shifted. PPOOOFF.

My favourite kind of tiramisu and i came to know that its italian tiramisu. The same one i had in milan.
I can gobble one big slice down!!!!!!!

Had a masak masak cooking session with Mr Ang.

Trying to cook steak.

Mr Ang in action. He loves cooking.. and im always the one washing the plates =(
He said he is the chef im the helper and so ...thats why...

seee! the chef in action

taadaaa our dinner. The mushroom sauce is good! next time if you want to cook steak with sauce, go get this sauce alright! And we grilled the sausage for too long and thats why it looked ugly.

i went to SOT my hair. haha and its curly nowwwwwwwww
damn curly.

Did my hair over in msia. I liked the hair salon for being cheap and classy with standard. And hunney drove over to pasir gudang to have seafood!! my favourite seafood makan place

After much persuasion and begging, Mr Ang finally allow me to order the 4 pathetic fried bun. He said its oily n its fat for me. Im fat. =(

Mr Ang finally wore his gucci shoes. Yayyyyy nice one love!

Had Fish n Co with the girls.

We are so happy !!!! hahaahahah

headed to cheesecake cafeeeeee

Brownie chocolate cheesecake

vanilla choc chip cheesecake

Rum and raisin cheesecake

GIRLSSSSS lets have a night out !!! Get dressed with heels alrights. SOONNNN SOOONNNN we are not that that young already!!!!!

Lets go malaysia to have hair tio sot and have seafood n dimsum!!!!

Mr Ang brought me to ikea and got a new table for my imac. He fixed the table for me! HAHAAA he's sweet. XD thanks hunney =)))

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