Wednesday, May 19, 2010

move on

I am so addicted to ham and cheese toast!! and i have cravings for almost everyday!!! However, i am so lazy to prepare and eat it at home before i set off for work. So what i usually do is to buy from coffee & toast and eat it before i start work. I love breakfast ALOT. If possible, i would like to have AMERICAN BREAKFAST every weekend. Mr J, please read the above sentence twice XDDD. It would be best if i can have a cup of orange juice followed by bread roll with butter, cereal, strawberry yoghurt or muesli and poached egg with sauteed mushrooms, scramble eggs and so on.

timbre's pizza was awesome! Went timbre with claris on a friday night after work had beer, pizza and fried chicken wings.

i used to think that i have too much time for me to waste and now i feel the need to have 48hrs a day to complete whatever i need to. However, time flies and at last i felt a sense of satisfaction.

Mr J is obsessed in his camera. -.-

houses are so expensive nowadays. PUIIIII.

tveee time! Btw, i think Mr Jo is having his menses.

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