Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quarter Pounder is awesome

beef lovers, quarter pounder is awesome!

shake shake hunney.

the 2 slices of beef is bigger than the burger itself and you are able to see the cheddar cheese half melted. Damn shiok.

my latest obsession everyday. FOO CHUK. (BARLEY WITH DRIED BEANCURD SKIN)
weather is bad, scorching hot. Burning my whole body as if im on fire. Time to have some cooling dessert.

cousin eileen bought snacks to celebrate her bday! A mini affair though because she is OLD already!!

Hun and me love this 9 layer kueh kueh best!!!!!! tender and addictive.

this is on par with crystal jade's chicken wings. THUMBS UP.

she is damn bitchy and loving.

Evil hun teasing Giorgio

annoying mei mei carried giorgio with NO LOVE (*tsk look at the way she carried her!!) hoho.

mei mei, i shall show everyone your fat arms. LOL

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