Sunday, August 15, 2010


Talk bout sunday itself that is TODAY.

I am feeling very grouchy and behaving like a little girl not getting what she wanted. I'm so pissed at every little thing and I dont even feel like talking. YES, IM THROWING TANTRUMS.


You know, its so inconvenient to get a cup of it when i have to travel to those few places under such a hot weather. For sure when hun gets back his license, he will drive me there to have it. URGH URGH URGH. Moment of anger, i went down to my house nearby bubble tea store to purchase it. IT WAS NOT SATISFYING AT ALL. I supposed its only about slightly more than 10 pearls only.
IM ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY THAT I CANT SATISFY MY CRAVING. Its been 2 weeks. Totally ruined my sunday and in order not to think bout it, i headed to bed and slept through the day.


If i were to continue the grumbles, hun will nag.

More important news!


Yes, thank you everyone for the wishes =)))) It was an unexpected one for sure!

My mind was twirling up there on the stage. I swear. I can feel my cheeks trembling and numb. The tears were immediate. I believe all women will want to have this day coming and its an unforgettable experience.

Hunney, I cannot believe you are so damn brave though you were very gan jiong as well. YOU ACTED SO WELL INFRONT OF ME.
Funny thing is, i was commenting his navy pants and touching his pants and not noticing something was in there!

IT WAS SOOOOOOO SWEEETTTTT. Even till this day, im still recollecting that day. My heart will skip a beat when I thought of it. VERY EXAGGERATING I KNOW. WAIT TILL YOU'RE IN MY SHOES THEN YOU'LL KNOW WHAT I MEAN. haha.

The night before, i was thinking woah, suddenly all my friends sms me asking me how am i, whether if im free to meet them the following night, etc... trying to sound me out. The fact is, they smsed me to see if i know anything bout it.

I'm trying to save the video in my mac and compile all the pictures for that day together.

sweet pea Jo proposing to Ms Hong!!!


THANK YOU FRIENDS FOR MAKING THE EFFORT TO SPEND MONEY ON THE TICKET AND SPARING US THE TIME THE SHARE OUR JOY. Thanks yali for changing flights. I believe you dont do loogi business, if still loogi,i treat you kopi okie!
Be it anybody, i believe all of you made some little sacrifices thanks thanks =)


Such as waste, i chose to ignore hun's words. He hinted to dress nicely but to me its just a play and any office wear will look decent enough. I should have worn a dress!!!!!!

OK, im still in a happy mood. hehe. Newpaper called and wanted to interview us with regards to the proposal. Im like... HUH...
is there no other news to report??????????? I wonder if i receive $50 dollars with the interview with them. According to my mom, she said as long as you called the papers to make a report to them, they will give you $50. HAHA. Very cheapo.

hoho. Finally took a decent picture of my rock.
0.7 carat. It has been the size that i think its quite perfect for my fingers. Whats more important is the GRADE OF THE DIAMOND!!!!!!!!!. According to a friend's bf, he said that my diamond ring kept shining into his eyes. PROVEN. my diamond's not fake else i will really kill you hun. LOL.

My very first diamond and thats why im stressed everyday hahaa.

more pictures but it will be very time consuming to put all the pictures here so refer to FB.

Testing to see if gio gio loves this momo.

im in love with this macaron and i bought one to place it in my office desk. My office desks has got macaron, bread, baked beans, chocolates, sweets, tofu toy. LOL. Im a sucker for all these man. Im trying to find fake one for koi bb tea.

saw this in the japanese stationery shop and thought its quite interesting and decided to give it a try!

hun removing the packaging.

each of us has got 3 ice cream to do.

Jo's creation of macaron.

Final product.

He is so childish, kept asking me to ask my mom who's nicer. -.-

I squeezed the leftovers on his toe to match my toe nails.

i know im very disgusting.

he has got a bigger cupcake than me!!!

Cookies and cream shaker! What's so special???? As you use, you will be able to smell cookies and cream aroma coming out from the shaker. HAHA. So cool. Everyday im smelling it in office. Im so afraid that it will attract ants.

handsome 12 years old kid.

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