Sunday, November 11, 2007


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Busybody: A person who pries into or meddle into the affairs of others

Concern: Worry or anxiety.

I got my facts right and here's the difference between the two english words: Busybody and Concern.

Dont try poking into other people's affairs when you are not sincere or caring towards that person. The whole bloody world knows how NICE you were/are to anybody or anything that is to your interest or it benefits you in some way. If you are concern towards a friend, you would call him/her up and give your regards and not asking his/her friends bout her current situation. Im being kind by using the word ASKING. In fact you're not even asking. You're an irritant ( can be compared to pest) buzzing around people and probing for information instead of calling the person you're concern with so much personally. The technology is so advanced that we have web messenger and handphones and email or whatsoever. To conclude, You are just plain KPO.
Seriously, i cant stand such people. Sorry to say, i cant bring myself to be nice to you and it really irks me so much that each time i see you, i cant help but shaking my head and my eyes will start rolling. And come to think of your actions and how flirtatious you were... $%^^#@ oh mia god! AHAHAAAAAA. I shouldnt use the word flirtatious because you do not have any aspect or qualities to be flirtatious. I think those guys are partially blind or if not, they must be desperate for a gf. Well, i dont know if i should pity those guys.. i bet neither they have the looks or the money. Stop being like spongebob, go round absorbing their money. Anyway, i shant say much or criticise bout her complicated lovelife as its none of my business and neither im welcomed to care too. Its not interesting anw and the more i hear bout it, the more disgusted i am.

Hunney: I can see her fats oozing out. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

HAHAHA. Im evil i cant help laughing. Yes yes karma! i will have karma for saying such nasty content. But somehow the saint in me told me that im stating the facts. And just let me grumble bout certain facts which is not very nice to say out by mouth. -_-"

Im so glad that i have siewmai and snowy to go through the rough patch in office and listen to my woes every now and then.. and im so sorry to pang seh them recently in office.. well, i hope my eyes recover asap and i cant wait to study with them! Of coz not to be forgotten, the ba gong.

I have this "BU DAO WENG" Hong Jie. She always appear to be smiling, always there for me when i pms or lonely. I supposed she's sick of hearing my same old nonsense every now and then. XD Seriously speaking, ive never really seen her DOWN before .. so i gave her this nickname. Annnnnnddddd the rest of the ladies to make any outings a fun one.

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Three cheers to all you guys!

Im becoming a glutton. Hun and me had so many meals in a day!

First meal of the day we had-

Fishball noodles

and i had the craving for-

cheesefriesPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and later on... hot freshly baked Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and we had "mi tai mak" soup and barberqued chicken wings for dinner.

Hunnn said he had a craving for ice cream and he specifically kept mentioning Gelare with the wrong pronounciation haha. And we headed for it!
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Chocolate waffle with 2 scoops of different ice cream and one distilled water adds up to $13.
So extravagant! But it taste heavenly...wooooohooooo..

and and and... stayed over at his place! His prawnies gave birth!!!!! Its so puny that i have to stick my whole face to the tank. He forgot to help me clean my eyes... =( and he will start saying ''you also forgot what! you never remind me to!" He decided to drive around in his new car fiat punto and ........
we headed to his usual drink tea place for some teh peng and coincidentally, he commented that their fried chicken wings is nice and i happened to have that craving while we were having ice cream.. and so.... hahahaha. Each of us ate one and together with fries!

can you imagine how glutton i am?!?!!?!??!?!?!

My mama no longer loves me =( she didnt even bother to put eye mask for me ..... or squeeze my pimple... she kept grumbling bout my brother. Im so angry!!!!!!!

Anw, the weather was so good that i dont want to wake up on hun's bed.. Not that i kept wanting to wake u up okays, i thought you're going for a dinner. Or else, i will just nua and wait for food to be served on bed. Hoorayyysss

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