Sunday, March 9, 2008

21st birthday

I love pan cake with mapel syrup!!!

I'm officially 21 and I really do not want to grow any older seriously. Hun did not watch R21 movie before and so, we planned to go one day.

Ice cream from sentosa~~~ strawberry fantasy with double chocolate fudge

Hun went sentosa with his colleagues to reckee the place for their event. EEEEEEkkks, so nice to hold an event over there.

Yes, i love him. =)

Here comes my Birthday pics, (Hong hong i'll send u the attachments soonnn or when i see u online ok! sorry for the delay!)

My mom and me!

My birthday party was a small one.. with the people that i loved.. and of course i'd like to thank everyone who spared few hours to attend my bday. Thank you people!

I wanted my balloons to be purple and silver but they came pink and think i even wore this purple dress to go with it!

My bestiesss for life. XD Thanks for the dkny watch my dears! I wore it everyday to stc man! hahaa.. so thoughtful of you girls.

My cousins!! I loved the tiff n co bracelet from them~~weetzz

Due to the training making me so lethargic and tired, and i was so last min to decide to have a mini party. Everything was so unorganised, unplanned. I called up many confectioneries, they were so fully booked for the customisation of the cakes.. pooff. I was so sad and unhappy that i was going to have an ugly cake for my 21st birthday in which it only occurs once a lifetime. Well, i can only blame myself for being so NUA. Nevermind, i'll still have wedding cake. haaa. i want 10 tiers one the next time!!!

Luckily i managed to buy one from cake avenue.. not so bad right as for the taste.


Thank you hunney! You helped me to serve my guests and ure a good host helper! Im sure without him being there, i'd be so busy!

my spoilt and pampered cousin.. haha she's so short!!!! ding ding!

My most expensive birthday present in my entire life.. thank you love! He's always full of surprises and ideas. This is our new pet dog, CHIHUAHUA and GioGio is its name! Hello friends, im not paris hilton number 2 ok!

Giogio seems like an exhibit.. different people came over my house purposely just to come and have a look at giogio. She's a pampered bitch lahh haha. Over the weekends, we were busy with her, buying her bathing stuff, bed and etc. She is even more important to my hun than me ok! im worst than a dog =( hahaa just kidding! He misses her and naturally he will drop by everyday to see her.. not that he dont drop by to see me means he dont miss me haa its just different..maybe i should be bushuang that he drop by is not to visit me haha.

lASTLY, im so thankful to each anf everyone of you!

nini, i'll take good care of this adorable creature i miss u too love!! shall type more when im not so tired. nitez!

I will say more stuff when times not up oke! my time is out @!!!!

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