Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Helllooooo!!! Hell yes, it had been a long long "decades" that I've updated. Surprisingly, this time round was not my Hun who urged me to blog but my newly made batch mate- YALI. She was bored i supposed haha and cant wait to see her RUHUA face to be well known to the whole world. =x

The start of the training embarks a new journey into my life. It was tough, strict and duper stringent in EVERY SINGLE thing/movement. Im a caged bird. =(..

During the day, we still need to be possessed by RU HUA into our body.

All the being possessed RU HUA's Souls.


Seriously, i think im so awful with the blue patchy shimmery stuff on my eyes. And the worst part was the red lips. And if you dont have the knowledge of how to put on the red lipstick, i swear you'll look like your lips are bleeding. YALI, Your mouth bled before right? hahaha *evil grin*

oh by the way, we're heading to PARIS. Here we come!!

slowly there will be more pics up.. because some of them are really terrible.

Ive been waking up as early as 4.45am to turn tie a chignon, FULL makeup, thinking of what to wear and making sure that my skirt dont look short. Overall im glad to have humourous batch mates.

Life pretty busy and quite fulfilling though there are certain things that is so strict that.... after you hear it, your jaws will drop.

On weekends, i'll meet my lovely Hunn.. watching dvds, spending quality time together. That's what life is all about even though, i really dont have the energy to go shopping after work. Thanks love.

And of course, i hope to hang out with my tai tais soonnnn . Miss you girlss..


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