Monday, March 24, 2008

Life as a trainee

Yes! I want own a BOUTIQUE CAFE.

Im not sure if Ive posted this pancake dog seemed like ive posted it before. *shrugs* Im craving for it with maple syrup or sinful chocolate syrup.

2 weeks since I last updated my blog. Supposedly there are ALOT of pictures to post but i dont know where have all those pictures gone to. Mostly were in some of their cameras. INEFFICIENT! nah, kidding. MR GIOGIO ANG, please transfer me those pictures when you're free okay!

I'm still struggling not to fall asleep during the theory training. Its so taxing to the max and its so dry that.... i can imagine myself in a desert without the need to take flight. HAHA i know im LAME.

While blogging, im trying very hard to start my revision .. test approaching, its so soon!!! the trays, mixing of cocktail, the wines, passenger handling, country codes, gmt timing.. etc... oh yes, food module coming! And i'll get to taste the food which my company claims that its from world reowned chefs. Even the selection of wines bi-annually are by world reowned ones. Food wise, HURRRRHURRR, my mentality of flight meals are horrible.. so are they really prepared by reowned chefs? I'll find out soon! Hopefully the above text are legal in blog.

Finally i received my Kebaya and when i hang up infront of my closet, it looks like the ancient times zombie. =x. At night, it can be scary. HAHA. im exaggerating. -_-"
Tomorrow is a tiring day, interview at US embassy for visa, collection of handbags and accessories.. and another dry lesson of pax handling. SO SAD CAN! Roster will be out real soon. Cross fingers... no ali baba places pls!

AYE AYE my GIOGIO cute uhhh!!!!! Little bitch giogio. Whenever she whines, i will threaten to roll the newspaper and act as if im going to smack her real hard. Then she will shut up and run back to her princess bed. Hun recently developed a fetish and that is to whack her whenever he has the chance to. (Provided she's naughty !) He gets so excited when he has the chance to whack her. HAHA and he will be extremely happy when he hears her whine after the whacking process. So psychotic right?! hahahaha i shall not tarnish my nini's reputation okay!! he's a loving daddy to GIOGIO. He brings her to the vet, feed her cough mixture, antibiotics and bringing her out.

back track abit, me n yali in mock ups! we're flying to frankfurt-new york.

Here's my beloved Hunney Jo! I loved him to bitsssss ~~~~~
Long weekend was great, 3 days over at his place was like going on a short trip. HAHA. We ate MARCHE 2 days in a row. I loved both their interior and exterior decor!!! Its so detailed in every single thing. When you enter, you can imagining yourself as the main character in GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS, LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, SNOW WHITE, ETCC... its really fantastic especially their lamps and chairs.

I was almost reaching organsm when i saw this ok!! hahahahaa

How was it???? COTTAGE UHH

Nininini thanks for the meals!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 and great company!

Oh yes, where are all my sisterssssss??!?! i supposed you girls are having exams now and good luck to you girls and pass with flying colours !

Im off to call GIOGIO'S BOY NOW.

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