Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I woke up from a dream.. a dream that stops me from waking up..

i wanted to live in denial but im living in reality.

i always wanted to have a fairytale happy ending relationship and marriage. I need not be a millionaire in my entire life. This whining woman over here only needs a guy who loves her more than anything else, a small cosy house to live in and 2 kids and my life will be contented. I only need a man whom i can rely on forever, whom can take good care of me and be faithful to me till the end of time. Such a simple wish isit so hard to get? Yes it is indeed hard else why do i always see guys having affairs or divorce rate is increasing in newspapers everynow and then?

Im so afraid to be like them.. i never ever want to be like them.. its really saddening to see such cases and ive seen it with my own eyes right infront of me. Thank goodness my mom is strong enough. I think i'll never be like her unless my heart is dead. Yes, her heart is dead.

I just hope to have a few years of stable rs and get married happily ever after. Im so contented to have YOU. YOU are able to change my mood 360 degrees with immediate effect. Wahh YOU possessed such powerful magical powers and the ability to control my emotions. Sounds scary.. hah.

I've given all out to this relationship and hoping to see a future YOU know. Im not putting stress on YOU.. just that who doesnt want to see a future with someone they love?

There's nothing we cant talk bout it.. provided ure willing to share.

Maybe i really dont know how to be a matured gf.

Lastly, i love u.

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