Thursday, April 16, 2009



I'm having craving for tiramisu cake now NOW NOW NOW!

I'm feeling so damn bored and depressed for doing this dubai-istanbul. All i did was to eat and sleep and eat and sleep. It made me felt fat. Speaking of which, I watch devil wears a prada online (i know its a damn long show) I want to be a size 0 .. hellooo im not even size 6. If im ever size 0 i think i'll look like skeleton and scary. Size 4 is enough. XS which means. After watching that, it motivates me to go to the gym more often and this morning i went!!! But then, i felt so guilty for cooking myself big breakfast and dinner. BOOHOOO. What am i doing man! Okay, from tmr onwards, i shall have my cereal and yoghurt. And for dinner, i shall have my tuna sandwich. ALL PLANNED. in between i can have my grapes.

I'm feeling angry too! I took pictures of my cooking but my hp's bluetooth seemed to gone bonkers. Leaving me with no pictures to blog.

People in msn all seemed busy.. no one to talk to. And thus i slept, watched movies, read magazines and story book. This is so torturous. I miss my hunney... =( i miss my home i miss my dog and lastly, i still miss my hunney. BOOOHOOOOO. Just a few days i missed him already.. how can!!!! Wake up ms hong.

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