Monday, April 13, 2009

West Day

Ehhhh Delicious uhhh.

Off today and tomorrow I need to head to dubai - Istanbul. It seems an exciting place to go to however, Im not so enthusiastic bout it. Its just a place of... I dont know.. *shrugs*
I intend to camp in my room unless the crews decide to bring me somewhere for some nice food. Or else, I will NEVER NEVER NEVER want to step out. Dont ask me why I condemn it so much I dont know why too because I havent been there ONCE. Its just.. the thought of it is a NONO. Probably going Cairo I wont be feeling this way. haa.

If only I can bring my imac there as well and for sure i'll be staring into this big apple for 7 days straight and furthermore its free internet. Oh well.. if only. Thinking of what drystores to bring there. I have alot of chocolates though.

I never liked to travel to Jurong West and today i had to do it! Just to purchase the dumb brackets for the lcd.
And I went Ikea @ Alexander alone to shop. Not really shopping but there to fantasize how my future house would look like and how i want it to be.

Today is Monday and bloody freak! Most of the hawkers in that area were closed!!!!!!!! $%^& and lastly traveled to balestier for my bak kut teh. slurpss

He wore my sunglass =x VAINY.

Hunney do well for your ippt and your exams! CHEERS

Came back from Perth and i forgot to bring my cardholder there, leaving me with no cash. THANK GOD my handbag has got extra aussie coins and some loose notes to enable me to buy Corica Apple Strudel and have a decent meal there. Well.. a way to save money tip is.. BRING AN AMOUNT SUFFICIENT FOR MEALS.

Wahhh blogging bout it makes me felt like eating it now. HAHA.

Its addictive i tell you!

Apparently singapore is selling exactly the same one over at upper east coast road. Im not sure if sg one taste better or the one fresh from perth.

Went to ben's and Jerry with Honghong! Was supposed to go cheesecake cafe.. ended up.. decision.. BnJ! Hinted hunney many times no response(haa kidding) and decided to go to settle my craving haha.

Nachossss with chardonnay

my indulgence XD cheesecake icecream with hot fudge mudpie

You see the hot chocolaty fudge oozing out?????? *Salivating now*

I dont know if this picture has been approved by her.. ooppsss i dont care!

Jacob Creeks sparkling rose is good!

Thanks for the night babe!

Today i was discussing with hunney bout branded bags.. he was saying if bags could be paid by installments i'll probably own a few now with monthly of debts to clear. HAHA how true! And if they allow people to pay by installments i bet the whole of singapore will be carrying branded. LOL.

Alrights, im selling off ALOT OF MY CLOTHES at a good deal which ive only once??? If you're interested let me know and you're free to come to my wardrobe to choose hahaaa.. my wardrobe is bursting my god...

Gonna sleep ciaoz! =)

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