Sunday, April 12, 2009


Japan has the nicest cream puffs ever!

Been sometime since i've last blogged =)

happy hunney with the iMac XD hoho.. i finally made the decision to whack one imac home after one week of asking from hunney. I tell you, its as heavy as my cargo bag to long flight. The feeling was good + lost after seeing hunney swiping the card. Haha. The screen was sooooooo big that i thought im blind. Yes, from now onwards im supposed to save money!! urghhh.


Still, im staying damn cool right now to try to blog using my new computer. So gentle towards my apple, typing so slowly.. =X

I wont say its complicated and everything is nice and very much different from windows.

I bought apple strudel from perth.. its addictive! its as nice as Ritz.

Anyway, i gotta thank hunney for accompany me for the past 2 days, running around with me to get some stuff done, sacrificing his beauty sleep.

I think im not sexy nor hot. BOOOHOOOO.

I cant wait for a short getaway with hun.

I shall blog more when im adapted to my new baby. Alot of pictures yet to be uploaded.

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