Sunday, September 9, 2007


Its 2pm now and I’m in office fantasizing about Teh Tarik =X and the thought of me having lesson in the evening simply dreads me. The balding lecturer with lousy english bores me to the max. My retain was even worst..and I swear it’s the most disgusting thing ever~~ my retain is filled with jobs and I will be out of office for about 2 months. I’m beginning to suspect the fellow’s ability to arrange jobs for the staff. Why cant my retain be evenly distributed? Going out on job means I have to spend money on cab fares which I can only claim like a month later? Seriously, I rather be a stat audit queen than going out on jobs. Since young, my ambition is to be a gynaecologist.. and yes, being not hardworking enough to get into pure science stream and taadaa.. out of no choice, I had Principles of Accounting as one of my fav subject on top of art. People always ask me this, “ You liked accounting uh?” Rip open my ribcage and I’ll tell you, NO I HATE ACCOUNTING. I should have enter school of designing and who knows maybe Im an interior designer or some staff in the creative dept. Or I should join the events company.. hurrr there’s no way for me to regret now anyway because im taking acca which costs me a bomb. And, my bank savings and salary had already exploded to ash and vanish into the thin air.

Im feeling very very moody… =( When you needed help, who is there to help you? There is, but you cant expect them to always be there for you… Alright, this is getting emotional.

I’m feeling very irritated and frustrated right now… =X

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