Thursday, September 20, 2007


This day, i sat by myself in the darkest hour of the day in the spacious empty living room, followed by echoes of sobbing.

Life is a miracle and everyday, there's a new miracle happening to you which you dont realise it at all when its just right infront of you. A miracle that you have a bf, a miracle that you have loved ones by your side, miracle that you have a cosy house to live in without you realising it. everything makes wonders. A deeply in love couple can quarrel and yet they still loved one another alot. It all goes bout compromising and not comparing yourself with other people. Each and everyone of us grow up differently and we look differently to distinguish OURSELVES and what makes you and what makes me. So, all of us are unique. If you are prepared to be with that fellow, you'll have to learn and accept his or her unique-ness that they possessed in them. The unique-ness might be good and bad. For the bad ones, look at it in the positive way and mostly, the receiver whom received the BAD felt that its a bad habit, bad attitude, bad etc bout the giver and on the other, the giver who gives out the BAD, view it as his or her GOOD such as caring for him or her etc in return the receiver sees it as a way of restriction or naggings. Because of all these different views, it resulted to arguments and misunderstandings.

im tired. to be continued ...

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