Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's amazing how someone can break your heart, but you still love them with all the little pieces.

When I'm quiet,
Millions of things are running through my mind
When I'm not arguing, I'm thinking deeply
When I look at u with eyes full of doubts and questions
I am wondering how long you will be around

When I answer "i'm fine" after a few secs
I am not at all fine
When I lay on your chest,
I'm wishing for you to be mine forever
When I say I love you,
I mean it.
When I say that I can't live without you,
I have made up my mind that you are my future
When I say "i miss you", no one in this world can miss you more than that.

Time for LOK LOK,

i broke my diet plan for the day =(

Admit that been of emotional lately. Glad that my relationship are able to withstand and overcome obstacles in life. Thank you Jo for listening to my heartfelt words. It may sounded unsupportive, its not. I'm concerned, really concerned. Things are slowly picking up, slowly getting back on track. You should heal your voice. It sounds terrible. Drink more water.

I didnt know emotional breakdown can lead to loss of appetite which i've never ever experienced it before(im glad i lose abit of weight but for sure i dont want to lose it in this manner!). IM NOT SUFFERING FROM DEPRESSION PEOPLE! in case i'm advised to visit a psychiatrist. Its scary when you realize you're on the verge of losing a relationship, losing the love of your life. Jo did not betray me or do anything unfaithful to me during this period. Its something else that I took it as a test of our relationship. Through this, it made me even more sure that I AM IMPORTANT TO HIM. No reason to doubt him anymore unless in future we will go through exactly the same situation. I HOPE NOT PLEASE. ITS VERY MENTAL CHALLENGING.


Im happy again =).

DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG! I woke up and stormed to my door step and opened the door. I welcomed the postman with an annoyed face, eyes half closing, messy hair in my PJ. He passed me a huge envelope and asked me to sign and received the parcel. Scratched my head, shaking the parcel on my hand. Then i saw my name and Jo's name. KPO and excited i tore it apart. TADAAAAAAAA!

My first Swiss automatic watch ever!!!!! its exactly the face of a swiss railway's clock.
hunney love love!!! Thank you hunnnn =))))) it was sweet of you. I assure you I will be more careful in taking care of watches. I know im very rough and chor lor! Every week let you spot check for scratches okies!

Everything that happened before that makes our relationship even stronger and even more sure of who is THE ONE. We're back on track =)))) Are you still vain as usual????? Haha.

Thank you friends for supporting me. XD.
Time to maintain my curls and trim my fringe. Even my colleagues felt uncomfortable for me. LOL.

3 cheers for Hun, you made it and got out of it. Im really impressed by your capability and possessed such a strong mind of your own. You never fail to let me believe in you.

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