Monday, June 14, 2010

Some people are not worth of my time and effort to believe what i chose to believe in. It always prove me wrong. Yet some people surprises me to turn out the opposite way i used to think they are.

Thinking caps.

The most important bit, when it comes to a day you find it a chore to pick up that phone to dial your significant other, please question your relationship. you should never be too lazy, tired, or whatever to make a simple phone call. and now, with the wonders of a blackberry, there's always bbm, which is easy peasy. so errrrr.. there's no such thing as, oh i forgot to text, oh i forgot to email, oh i forgot to bbm... yeah indeed you forgot, because you forgot about your gf. or even when you pick up the phone and call, and there's silence on both ends of the line, it's not the comfortable silence, but the.... "okay... come on say something, i've got better things to do and if you're not going to utter anything, i'm hanging up" kinda thing.

(I happened to chance upon this entry of a random person's blog and agree to a certain extent with the paragraph above.) What do you think? Could there be a time when someone is really that exhausted and all he thought of at that moment was just to sleep? Isit an excuse? Or the excuse is reasonable? *shrugs* plain curious.

Im down with a flu and fever. Its making me feeling unhappy and uneasy. I felt as if i've drank alot, in a hangover mode. Couldnt walk straight, feeling warm and sticky, frustrated.

Whatever i ate, i felt like burping and vomit it out. Suck balls. (okays, i dont mean to be crude, im annoyed)

poof. Prescribe me some magic pills to make me stop feeling so awful.

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