Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jurong Bird Park.

Who's there?

For goodness sake, I dont think I ever been to Jurong Bird Park. I know, its all BIRDS.

So upon hearing me saying that, hun brought me to Jurong Bird Park to jalan jalan. I missed my mcdonald's deluxe breakfast on a sunday morning!

tickets @$23. So not cheap!

Penguins are cute in real life.

spot the parrots XDDD

they have pink feets! Can't be seen here though.

oh oh, Mr Ang. Hun, you fat hamburger face! eyes machiam fishballs. So round for what!

i love this purple parrot

somehow i think these greenies gonna disappear in no time to be replaced by PLASTIC, PAPER, ...WHATEVER I CANT REMEMBER.

I was waiting for two swans to come together to form a heart shape =(((((

Walk The Journey With Me. =)))

Big Bird. I seriously think the BIG BIRDS in bird park are pitiful. They have rotten skin with rashes and flies flying around them all over. Arent they supposed to preserve all these birds that are going to extinct? They do not have full feathers but with some holes in between, feathers sticking out from nowhere. I feel so sad for them.

am still thinking of a name for this picture.

this fat ass went KL for stan chart marathon. I BET HE IS GOING TO HAVE YUE GUANG BAO HE (its char kway teow with raw egg) DAMN SHIOK ONE OKIE!

Hun's facebook birdpark album has got more birds. Its beautiful. THUMBS UP FOR YOU HUN!

For the lovebirds out there.

Met up with min min to wine company to have this current fav :Steigelmann Gimmeldinger Meerspinne Gew├╝rztraminer Sp├Ątlese 2008 (pfalz)

An aromatic wine with delicate floral scent. Distinct notes of lychee, blackcurrant and bramble on the palate. Smooth and fleshy mouth feel, this wine pares well with spicy food. Not that dry, im lovin' it.
Good ambience to chill and catch up with friends and some music playing out loud from the next bar.
THEN THEN we went to yong he beancurd at geylang. Headed home with a good night sleep.

Subscribed starhub channels and indeed there were many entertainment channels for me to kill time and slack at home. I know im abit slow in subscribing lahhh when others had it for years already. I got it for $19.26 monthly with no additional charges on the STARHUB BOX. (is that what you call them? i dont know) inclusive of hk, taiwan and korean dramas. Cheap deal.

Just 2 days and i miss Mr Ang already! I wonder how did i ever survive when i was flying?

Ciaoz, going ikea soon to buy hot dog bun, curry puff, chicken wings and..... anyhow buy things.

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