Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup Fever.

I'm very annoyed by my mother.

Ever since the world cup starts, she kept going online to bet on soccer. Im totally fine with her doing that but not making noises when she only bet $1.00 or $2.00!!!!!!!! Every night when its nearing 10pm or 10.30 pm, she will start asking me what to bet on, how many goals, which country, will it be draw or not, over 2.5 or not, what would be the exact score... etc.. how would I know??? Im never a fan of soccer, world cup and if i know which team will win, i would have won thousand over dollars and buy myself something fantastic like ipad or revamp my whole room. She took it so seriously like she's betting her entire assets. Then she will keep coming into my room and observe the odds every 5-10 mins and during the match she will come in about the same intervals which I find it damn annoying. I gave her my laptop to use it, she doesnt want and insists to use my imac when Im surfing net. Is that CHEAP THRILL?????? And now she got pissed off with me when i told her bout her betting patterns. Basically she bet on home and away teams, draw and total goals and exact goals. I was telling her that if you play this way you might as well dont play. For sure it will ended up no win no lose and whats the thrill???? Its either you win or you lose. She said its sort of buying insurance. Insurance my ass when you only bet a dollar each!!!!!!

Extremely annoyed by her.

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