Sunday, August 12, 2007

sad. =(

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The bunny cookies are soooo cute!

Ive not been myself for the past few days and thus i dont really have the mood to blog.

I was in the most ultimate and extreme rate of crankiness which no one can tahan. I brought unhappiness to myself. How can i make life difficult for someone whom i loved dearly? I used to promise him heaven and yet it turns out to be hell. The misunderstandings and the way i asked him questions always led him to have another thinking and then i will try ways and means to explain it to him and im so naggy to keep repeating n repeating so that he really understand what im trying to get at. And my main concern was worrying that he would think the other way round and not understand what im trying to express. The long weekend i expected wasnt that
fruitful afterall. It all turned out to be a disaster. It may be of coincidence and fishy or whatever it is, i really didnt invade into the msn thingy at all. My conscience is clear. My intention of calculating the time etc was all messed up and now, the half way done powerpoint ive made, i decided to cast it aside and i might consider deleting it away. Isabel's hobby is Him. Whenever im free, i'll try to think of ways to cheer up his day.

The sad thing is, he doesnt trust me that much anymore. Why did such things happen? I thought a couple must share things with one another? open up to one another? and no matter what a third party says, he/she would still choose to believe their partners? Even though i really didnt invade into his stuff, he wont trust me that much again..i guess it takes time..

Its not easy for a couple to walk together.. there's no perfection in human beings. There's no such things as whether compatible anot. Its just how you choose to look at that person. People might claim negative things bout him but for me, ive nothing negative to pick on me coz i view his negative points as part of his good points which makes him special from the rest. Reminising the happy moments we shared .. it was really a wonderful feeling. I spent my sunday noon browsing the folders of pictures we took.. its more than hundreds of pictures in these short periods.
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I seriously dont mind him going out with friends or colleagues. But i do hope he sincerely understand the sian-ness when in the last minute he told me he's going out to meet his friends instead of me. And the sian-ness in me will last for 10 minutes? The feeling goes something like" aiyoooo, wasted man only get to meet my sweet for awhile" i used to think this way la.. but as time goes by, the sian-ness only lasted for a min haha. People do grow up, people's mentality do change. I do understand his excitement to meet his friends coz he needs to have social life too! And i'd always support in whatever he wants to do or decides. I hope i can get over things soonnn and back to the lovely days we once had.

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