Monday, August 13, 2007

Volcano Eruption

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The Goddess of Destruction is here again to blog ~~

Im so sick of myself.. seriously. And im starting to hate myself more than ever. I really think im irritating .. an irritating pest that suits to live in the garbage bin =x
I never bring him to heaven or even lala wonderland of you and me but a volacano eruption land which made him exploded and you'll see fumes coming out from his head and nose. Why am i so annoying!?!!?!

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This was the first pic we took together ever since we got together~~ he was my most ultimate pokey who makes me go gaga~~ I never had one like that till i met him =)
Thanks for tolerating me and being so patient with me. I really appreciate your effort. I know you are f****** irritated pissed with me just that you kept quiet. Sighh im sucha a loser.

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Oh yes! I was surprised when i opened up the msn chat log and saw you putting our display picture there. It had been a long time since i last saw it. .. Tell you what hun, i was overly joyed and u know me, imma emo girl and naturally tears filled my eyes to the brim. It may sound stupid over a msn picture~~~ im cranky ignore me pls! whoever is reading, just take it that im crapping. Im having mixed feelings now ~~one side feeling happy to the max and while the other, feeling so annoyed and hatred towards my nonsense to hun and i kept worrying how he think of it and how he felt. Can my pokey hun tell me how is he feeling now? =(

Nothing matters to me other than pokey hun. I love my boy yeap yeap. Lil grass had been asking where is JOJO!?

Simon seems to be my long lost sister in my past life haha. The lil cute toys he displayed in office and the candy container filled with mnm nuts..and the mario toy which i played with during lunch makes me happy... the sight of it makes my day.. anw im someone v v childish. Pardon me for molesting your mario. If you ask me should you? i would say you should.

Still, im annoyed with myself.

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